Why should you enroll your child in Soccer Tots?
Soccer Tots provides fun physical activity for your child in a structured setting, which is proven to help develop their social, mental and physical skills.
What’s the minimum age to participate in Soccer Tots?
The minimum age for Soccer Tots participants is 3 years old.
How are the children grouped?
Children are grouped according to age, and session length varies according to age.
How long is a session?
3 to 4 yeas old: 45 minutes

4 to 5 years old: 50 minutes

6 to 7 years old: 55 minutes

What time of year is Soccer Tots offered, and where?
Soccer Tots programs are offered three times per year spring season, fall season and winter season (provided you have indoor access). Soccer Tots sessions are held at local schools, parks and fields throughout Montgomery County, MD and Northwest DC.
How long is a Soccer Tots season?
Each Soccer Tots season is eight weeks in length.
And how long is an individual session?
Sessions are held once weekly, for a total of eight sessions per season.
How do I start Soccer Tots in my school or neighborhood?
Soccer Tots is always expanding. All you need is a minimum of eight children and a location, and we will handle the rest. Please contact our office and we will work with you to bring Soccer Tots to your neighborhood. [email protected]